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From This List The Inductees Will Be Chosen

Bob Hope (actor) (Cleveland)

Jim Backus (actor) (Cleveland)

Kaye Ballard (actor) (Cleveland)

Catherine Bach (actor) (Warren)

Jim Backus (actor) (Cleveland)

Kaye Ballard (actor) (Cleveland)

Gerry Bamman (actor) (Toledo)

Lisa Banes (actor) (Chagrin Falls)

Theda Bara (actor) (Avondale)

Majel Barrett (actor) (Columbus)

Thom Barry (actor) (Cincinnati)

Richard Basehart (actor) (Zanesville)

Billy Bass (broadcaster) (Cleveland)

Alan Baxter (actor) (East Cleveland)

Vanessa Bayer (actor, comedian) (Cleveland)

Ned Bellamy (actor) (Dayton)

Jonathan Bennett (actor) (Rossford)

Greg Berg (actor, voice actor) (Cleveland/Akron)

Halle Berry (actor, fashion model) (Cleveland)

David Birney (actor) (Cleveland)

James R. Black (actor) (Lima, Dover)

Susan Blackwell (actor) (Dayton)

Nina Blackwood (veejay) (Cleveland)

Randy Blair (actor, writer) (Ironton)

J. Paul Boehmer (actor) (Dayton)

Mark Boone Junior (actor) (Cincinnati)

Andrea Bowen (actor) (Columbus)

Bill Boyd (actor) (Hendrysburg)

Bob Braun (talk show host) (Cincinnati)

Thom Brennaman (sportscaster) (Cincinnati)

Deanna Brooks (model) (Dayton)

Richard Brooks (actor) (Cleveland)

Charles Brown (actor) (Cleveland)

Clancy Brown (actor) (Urbana)

Joe E. Brown (actor) (Holgate/Toledo)

Woody Brown (actor) (Dayton)

Yvette Nicole Brown (actor) (Warrensville Heights)

Tanner Buchanan (actor) (Ottawa)


From This List The Inductees Will Be Chosen

Drew Carey (actor, comedian) (Clevlannnnnd boy

Rocky Carroll (actor) (Cincinnati)

Nancy Cartwright (voice performer) (Kettering/Dayton)

George Chakiris (actor) (Norwood)

Justin Chambers (actor) (Springfield)

Damian Chapa (actor) (Dayton)

Dave Chappelle (comedian, actor) (Yellow Springs)

Marguerite Clark (actor) (Avondale)

Mystro Clark (actor) (Dayton)

George Clooney (actor) (Cincinnati)

Bill Cobbs (actor) (Cleveland)

Ray Combs (game show host) (Hamilton)

Tim Conway (actor, comedian) (Willoughby)

Chuck Cooper (actor) (Cleveland)

Casey Cott (actor) (Chagrin Falls, Cleveland)

Corey Cott (actor) (Chagrin Falls, Cleveland)

Franklin Cover (actor) (Cleveland)

Laura Cover (model) (Bucyrus)

Yvonne Craig (actor) (Columbus)

Jim Cummings (voice actor) (Youngstown)

Dorothy Dandridge (actor, singer) (Cleveland)

Beverly D'Angelo (actor) (Columbus)

Frank Daniels (actor, Captain Jinks) (Dayton)

Duane Davis (actor) (Cleveland)

Charles Michael Davis (actor)(Dayton)

Doris Day (actor) (Cincinnati)

Carmella DeCesare (model) (Avon Lake)

Brooklyn Decker (model) (Kettering)

Ruby Dee (actor) (Cleveland)

Alana de la Garza (actor) (Columbus)

John Diehl (actor) (Cincinnati)

Phyllis Diller (actor, comedian) (Lima)

Phil Donahue (talk show host) (Cleveland/Dayton)

Brian Donlevy (actor) (Cleveland)

Mike Douglas (actor) (Cleveland)

Steve Downes (DJ and actor) (Columbus)

Sue Downey (Miss USA 1965) (Lima)

Hugh Downs (broadcaster) (Lima, Akron)

Keir Dullea (actor) (Cleveland)

Ryan Dunn (actor, stuntman) (Brockville)


Carmen Electra (model, actor) (Cincinnati/White Oak)

Joe Estevez (actor) (Dayton)

Angie Everhart (fashion model) (Akron)

Mike Faist (actor) (Gahanna)

Sean Faris (actor, model) (Parma)

Jamie Farr (actor) (Toledo)

Suzanne Farrell (dancer) (Cincinnati)

Susan Floyd (actor) (Cincinnati)

Joe Flynn (actor) (Youngstown)

Leo Ford (adult entertainment performer) (Dayton)

Alan Freed (radio show host, coined phrase "rock 'n roll") (Cleveland)

Emma Sheridan Fry (actor, writer) (Painesville)

Clark Gable (actor) (Cadiz)

Mike Gallagher (syndicated talk radio host) (Dayton)

Teri Garr (actor) (Lakewood)

Dorothy Gish (actor)

Lillian Gish (actor) (Springfield)

Nikki Glaser (comedian) (Cincinnati)

Carlin Glynn (actor) (Cleveland)

Dody Goodman (actor) (Columbus)

Maggie Grace (actor) (Columbus)

David Graf (actor) (Lancaster)

Joel Grey (actor, singer, dancer) (Cleveland)

Julie Hagerty (actor) (Cincinnati)

Kathryn Hahn (actor) (Cleveland Heights)

Arsenio Hall (comedian, talk show host, actor) (Cleveland)

Porter Hall (actor) (Cincinnati)

Margaret Hamilton (actor) (Cleveland)

Scott Hamilton (ice skater) (Bowling Green)

Dorian Harewood (actor) (Dayton)

Woody Harrelson (actor) (Lebanon)

Rachael Harris (actress/comedian) (Worthington)

Steve Harvey (comedian/actor) (Cleveland)

Patricia Heaton (actor) (Bay Village)

Anne Heche (actor) (Aurora)


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